Steps To Win The Premium Umbrella

  2. Screen Shot ur best score !
  3. Fill in the google form for us to sent the umbrella to you
  4. Screen Shot & WhatsApp ur best score to number given 


The objective of Flapy Umbrella is to direct flying umbrella, where the player controls an umbrella, attempting to fly between columns of green pipes without hitting them. If the player touches the pipes, they lose. Umbrella briefly flaps upward each time that the player taps the screen, if the screen is not tapped, the umbrella falls because of gravity, each pair of pipes that he navigates between earns the player a single point, with medals awarded for the score at the end of the game.No medal is awarded to scores less than 5 (five). A bronze medal is given to scores between five and ten. In order to receive the silver medal, the player must reach ten points. The gold medal is given to those who score at least twenty points. Players who achieve a score of thirty or higher receive a platinum medal.

There is no variation or evolution in game play throughout the game, as the pipes always have the same gap between them and there is no end to the running track, having only the flap and ding sounds and the rising score as rewards.

Wakili Umbrella Medal


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